The Week Ahead in the PA Senate

The week of February 3, 2020

On Tuesday at 11:30 a.m., the governor gives his budget address to a joint session of the legislature. You can watch session and the address live at

Bills for Possible Consideration

  • SB 94 (Martin) – Making volunteer firefighters eligible for workers compensation coverage.
  • SB 309 (Mensch) – Establishing a tax credit for first-time home buyers.
  • SB 432 (Phillips-Hill) — allowing Medicaid Managed Care Organizations to have access to the information in the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.
  • SB 462 (Phillips-Hill) – Repealing outdated provisions of the School Code.
  • SB 640 (Boscola) — Authorizing the Commonwealth to join the Physical Therapist Compact (PTC).
  • SB 679 (Yaw) – Adding a new section to the Dam Safety and Encroachments Act authorizing counties to adopt a program for “stream cleaning” and maintenance.
  • HB 330 (Emrick) — Amending the Taxpayer Relief Act to make technical corrections with regard to references made to the Local Tax Enabling Act.
  • HB 1001 (Oberlander) — Licensing and regulating donor human milk banks in Pennsylvania.
  • HB 1045 (Turzai) — Requiring the Commonwealth Financing Authority to conduct business six times per year on specific dates.
  • SB 850 (Langerholc) – Establishing the Community Integrated Schools for Success pilot program.
  • HB 1578 (Helm) – Making technical changes to the Uniform Condominium Act, the Real Estate Cooperative Act and the Uniform Planned Community Act.

Senate Hearings Streamed Live

9:30 a.m.
Public hearing on data privacy and potential updates to the Breach of Personal Information Act
Senate Communications and Technology Committee | North Office Building, Hearing Room 1

9:30 a.m.
Public hearing on testimony by the Chancellor of the State System of Higher Education
Higher Education Funding Commission | House Majority Caucus Room

1 p.m.
Agricultural Mental Health Roundtable
Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee | Penn State University, Beaver Campus

Full Committee Schedule