Addressing pandemic-related issues has really been a challenging yet learning experience for me. I firmly believe that the strength of my family and a strong sense of community and responsibility towards my patients, allowed me to help many of my patients and colleagues steer through the hardest of times during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I personally witnessed generations of families coming back home (India) to live together to help and safely take care of each other. People now seem to be more resilient. Small groups within the local communities are working together creatively to support each other by sharing responsibilities. During the pandemic, Telehealth has emerged as a major mode of delivery of healthcare services virtually. Due to this, I have seen many younger family members step up to help their technologically challenged older family members with their Telehealth visits. Practicing medicine during the Covid-19 pandemic has instilled a heightened level of cultural sensitivity and competency due to my exposure to patients who were situated in unique situations. I got the opportunity to be a part of various creative public health initiatives to increase Covid-19 vaccine rates within the community.

Being on the front lines every single day during the pandemic as a healthcare worker has resulted in an increased level of compassion and empathy towards others. Now, I feel a renewed sense of sharing, caring and hope!

Dr. Vasu Singh

Medical Director at UPMC Insurance Services, Allegheny County